Don’t Dis their Ability is a community that aims to gather people (especially the employers) who discriminate others with disability in the workplace together and eliminate  disabled discrimination in employment. This social norm is getting more serious and it’s not right to think that to be disabled is to be no less human than anyone else. People with disability need the fairness rather than pity. Let us embracing hope over despair and seeking fair treatment where they are suffering discrimination.


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  1. Hope your campaign could achieve great successes. The objective of my campaign is to reduce the welfare dependency by improving long-term unemployment’s awareness about it. Also, one of the methods is to train the dependent with new skills to re-employment. It’s really important to make the most of social benefits.

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  2. I like the theme, the font you chose for your WordPress, It really creates the atmosphere and engage us.I think raising awareness on show more cares about unemployment and other social disability is great, this is a serious social issue that need more people to pay attention to. Good luck with your campaigning, will continue tracing your updates.

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  3. Hi, Been reading through a couple of your blog posts and can’t help but smile, as my campaign aims to empower patients dealing with spinal cord injuries through means of employment, which can lead to a new life of independence. Love how you highlight the importance of ‘ability’ in the workplace, as many people dealing with disabilities feel that they are only being hired by certain jobs to fill quotas and are overlooked for their unique skill sets. At the end of the day, having a disability, should not influence how a employer views your potentiality and skill set. At No More Wasted Lives​, we aim to empower patients dealing with physical SCI who may develop mental health issues due to barriers to independence and other needs. My aim is to let people know that they are still abled, and can still offer and contribute to society through employment opportunities etc. Love your work. If you have a few minutes, check us out! https://www.facebook.com/nomorewastedlives/ https://twitter.com/nmwastedlives https://nomorewastedlivesblog.wordpress.com/

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  4. Thank you so much for creating a campaign around this amazing cause. Have you seen any shows or films starring Jamie Brewer (specifically American Horror Story)? Here is her IMDB page:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4661932/. Anyway, she’s an amazing example of people with a disability knowing no bounds, and excelling to the best of her limits. It’s so inspiring to see her acting and performing, and generally living her best life! Comments on her IMDB page include ‘God, she’s incredible’ and ‘hope to see her in more stuff’, which shows how receptive the public can be! Anyway, best of luck with this great campaign 🙂

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